Lead designer, Competitor analysis, UX strategy, UI-design, Web Design.

About the project

I worked as the lead designer in a web-project for a medical scale-up called FunMed. I was tasked with completely redesigning the branding and user experience of their website. The emphasis was to nail down the modern web look to facilitate

The work consisted of thorough market research and competitor analysis, as well as design trend analysis, as well as business strategy.

Unfortunately, the project had an abrupt end as FunMed carried out a significant round of funding and used that money to conduct a much larger IT-strategy project. The web-project was eventually transferred into this new project so my designs were not fully utilised.

Design challenges

At the time, the project had some budget restrictions. So I had to workshop closely with their team to really nail down what parts of the user experience was most tightly connected to their primary business objectives. This so that we could focus our efforts on the most impactful factors first, and then improve the rest of the site gradually over time.

The conclusion was (among other things) that the booking flow was the most important to get right.