Sileo Capital

Lead UX, in-app promotion strategy and copy, UI-design, multi-platform.

About the project

I worked as the lead UX on a big digitalisation project for Sileo Kapital AB, a debt collection agency with roughly 200 million SEK in turnover.

As a part of a lean development team I was tasked with digitising basically their entire business model and customer experience.

Over a period of 10 months, I designed two digital platforms from scratch, one consumer facing web- and mobile application and one administration platform to go along with it.

I also worked closely with their marketing team to create on site campaigns and nudges with the goal of increasing the rate of debt collection.

Design challenges

The debt collection industry is characterised by strict privacy concerns and regulations. As a result I was often far removed from actual users and was not allowed access to users for research and testing purposes.

User research is often challenging on it's own, since one of the main tasks of the researcher is to see past what the user is doing or saying, and getting at what they actually, mean, want or desire.

In this case, I was forced to add another layer to this, as I had to rely on the input from customer service reps (those actually allowed direct contact with customers) to inform my design decisions.

For the admin platform on the other hand, it was the other way around – I worked closely with a few power-users, utilising a sort of lead-user input in order to co-design with them. As a result we built a valuable tool in a short amount of time.