Nordic Coffee Roasters

Lead designer, UX- and strategy, Pricing/offering strategy and design.

About the project

The Nordic Coffee Roastery is a speciality coffee roastery in Gothenburg, Sweden, working to make coffee consumption as sustainable as possible.

They wanted to increase their B2B sales (coffee and equipment) and hired me to design a new business experience for this purpose. Before I started working, their effort towards selling to other businesses was basically just one line of copy and a phone number on their website.

Design challenges

One of the biggest issues I perceived with their brand was that they didn't occupy a clear position in the market. Or rather, they did so in their own minds – but no one else knew what that position was! They were doing these amazing, sometimes revolutionary things, yet they practically didn't use any of those achievements in their messaging.

My work began with doing market research and interviewing the founders in order to establish the right positioning, as well as identifying a couple of well defined unique selling points.

I then worked with the founders to carve out product offerings, which essentially consisted of combinations of coffee and coffee makers suitable for various size businesses.

To present the new offerings I designed a landing page, sales pages and templates for tenders that all visually match the look and feel of the main website. The most important work at this stage was to make sure the copy is on point.

Next up was designing the physical touch point of the customer experience, which I believed to be crucial for establishing the position as a high-end, niche, customer centered coffee company with very strong ideals. I argue that, contrary to the larger players in the B2B market, the Nordic Coffee Roastery is not actually selling coffee and equipment – they are selling a unique customer experience and their specific ideals!

Last but not least, I created a simple marketing strategy mostly based on digital ads, with the purpose of complementing their more traditional and personal approach of going on sales calls and selling over the phone.

Below you can see the main landing page and an infographic poster that is part of the physical touch point in the customer experience.