Gothenburg University

Lead User Researcher, Test design, User testing, Analysis & insight presentation

About the project

I worked alongside Maverick by Sigma to plan, design and carry out user tests for Gothenburg University and their brand new website. The work was part of a multi-million dollar project, spanning over several years.

I performed the tests inside the university facilities (Desktop) as well as guerilla-testing in the streets of Gothenburg (Mobile).

I collaborated with the visual designers and UX-designers on the Maverick team to quickly grasp the design guidelines they had created. I also worked closely with the product owner at Gothenburg University in order to define the goals of the user testing from their perspective.

Design challenges

One challenge in my performance was the fact that the university organisation is so complex and consists of so many different parts. It also caters to a diverse set of target users. Consequently, their new website is HUGE (previously spread across 177 different domains). So I had to ensure that the tests generated data on all these different users and how effective the design was in aiding each of them in achieving their use goal.

Another challenge was the dual nature of the goals for the testing – I was both to test the design that Maverick had developed, as well as the information architecture and intended function of the website/content.

The tests generated several valuable insights for the continued development of the website. And I was able to distill them to 10 concrete action points for improvements to the site.