Careful apps

Branding, App design, App icon, UX/UI, Business Strategy

About the project

I worked with the healthcare app agency Careful Apps to strategize, design and develop a new mobile app for people who live with schizophrenics. The idea behind the app was to help them support each other and better handle the many difficulties of living with someone who is mentally ill.

Using participatory design sessions with the target audience, as well as a lot of research, I created the basic user experience, the UI, the brand, the app icon and helped create the launch strategy and feature implementation plan.

Design challenges

The biggest challenge was the sensitivity of the problem I was designing for as well as the diversity within the target user group. There are many strong emotions at play, and many privacy concerns. The questions were, "how do I design a brand that elicits the right associations for all different users?", "how do I find a balance in the features I design, so they are useful for all different users, yet takes privacy and the sensitivity of the situation into account?".

Of course, it was also a challenge (but one I enjoy) to work at such an early stage of the process: to take early ideas, loose intuitions, and inspirations from the founder and crystalize them into a fully fledged product.