During my time as a consultant at Telia AB I was in charge of redesigning an old internal tool called the Product Editor. It is used for creating and publishing the various offers that Telia creates each day to sell to both b2b and b2c customers. 

This was a particularly interesting and challenging project with a twist. The Product Editor was created 15 years ago as a basic Java applet. Over the years, feature after feature was added whenever a need surfaced, without any product plan or vision. 

On top of that, support for Java applets was removed from Java in 2018 and since then the Product Editor has only been supported by one single browser – SeaMonkey.  

So, it was basically an extremely complex product made up of a clusterfuck of features that the whole company COMPLETELY depended on in order to sell ANYTHING.

This is broadly what it looked like:
Since there was only one browser left supporting the applet, the clock was ticking. We had to build a new (web based) Product Editor and we had to do it quick! 

In a very short period of time, I had to gain understanding of the nuts and bolts of this extremely complex product and quickly create a redesign, preferably with a far superior user experience.  

To reach these somewhat opposing goals (performing a huge task quickly AND well) I decided to work on two different timelines, effectively creating two different versions of the product – one “fire extinguisher” and one long-term solid version. 

Below is a simple prototype of the “fire extinguisher” version.