The business experience is now
With the rising urge for individual expression and infinite options available just one click away, people are now extremely particular about the businesses they elect into their lives.

As a consequence, fewer and fewer businesses are able to successfully reach and retain their target customers.

The ones that do, however, become part of their customers' lifestyle, personal brand and identity. These businesses have a chance to create stronger and more intimate connections with their customers than ever before! 

In this new economy, attention and connection are the most precious resources.

So, with customers having infinite options available to them, desperately seeking connection with their brands – what is left for you to compete with?  

What will make you deserve their attention or, in the words of marketing guru Seth Godin, what will make you go from invisible to remarkable?

Answer: The Business Experience.

The Business Experience is a combination of:
1. The customer experience, which is the sum of all interactions between your customer and your business over time, through digital touchpoints like websites, apps or social media and physical touchpoints, like packaging or point-of-sale.

2. The emotional connection your customers feel with your brand and your values.

"As competition increases, customer experience may be the only way left for organizations to distinguish themselves in the market.” - FROG

What is Business Experiece Design?

Business Experience Design is a new and holistic approach to business. The experience is the business.

Grounded in the core values and entrepreneurial vision of the people behind the business, it is guided by user research, design thinking and lean methods.
It is a way of creating new customer experiences and enhancing existing ones, by gaining deep insights about the customer and translating those insights to the appropriate business, design- and branding strategies. 
”Sebastian is a competent, dedicated and curious person. In a big web project for Gothenburg University, he helped us plan, design, execute and analyze extensive user tests. In a very short period of time he acquainted himself with the previous work and delivered valuable results. Everyone on our team are super happy and strongly recommend working with him.”
– Christine Wageborn, Project manager, Maverick by Sigma

for biology

In the rapidly changing technological landscape, it is easy to forget one thing: we don’t live inside a computer! We live in the physical world and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.
In my work, I am looking for ways to make the customer experience more natural to our cognition and biology. You might think of this as a type of abstract biomimicry, which is the practice of mimicking solutions found in nature. It also draws on the "material metaphor" in google's material design.

This is especially important in digital touchpoints. Sometimes I actually start a digital design with physical prototypes, then figure out how to make a digital version with the same ”feel” to it.

I believe customers gravitate towards natural immersive experiences and that the businesses that figure out how to design those experiences will win in the new economy. 

My process

I work with purpose-driven yet humble brands who appreciate the untapped value that strategic design can create in the new economy.

Throughout my process, I work with you to answer the following three questions:

1. How can we design experiences that will make your target customer want to identify with your business?

2. How can we adapt these experiences to better fit our cognition and biology, creating a more natural experience?

3. By achieving the aforementioned goals, how can we use design to reach and exceed business goals and increase revenue? 
”Having Sebastian working with us on this project has first and foremost been fun, but more importantly, he’s contributed to an increased creative level of communication. His standard of deliverables and the flexibility in his process has been a prerequisite for finishing the project on time. His abilities combined with his great personality makes him someone we would love to work with again.”
– Lotta Peterson, Marketing Strategist, Stena Real Estate



Why work with me?

I pride myself in challenging your current belief systems. I leverage user insights to reframe fundamental questions and challenges in order to achieve visionary transformation – creating crisp and clear new value propositions, priorities and goals and removing everything non essential in the process.

I work with some of Sweden's leading creative and digital agencies, as well as other startups and innovative companies. I am also the founder and CEO of Holo Health AB.

When you work with me, I function as a "finger on the pulse” providing you with insight and creative solutions gained from all of my projects. See the projects I’ve worked on.